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Olink Bioscience and its sister company Olink Genomics is participating in the project "Companion Diagnostics Initiative" which is financed by Vinnova and aims to develop improved cancer diagnostics to increase survival rate of patients with colorectal cancer. The project is coordinated by Professor Mats Nilsson at the Department of Genetics and Pathology and involves several clinical and pre-clinical research groups at Uppsala University.
Olink Bioscience provides its proprietary in situ PLA(TM), a proximity ligation assay technology that extends the capability of traditional immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry to include direct detection of proteins, protein interaction, and modifications with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity. Target proteins are detected with single molecule resolution, allowing digital quantification and information about the exact localization of the target. Furthermore, the proteins can be studied at normal expression levels in fixed cells and tissue sections.
Olink Genomics participate with its Selector Technology(TM) which provides intelligent high-performance solutions to remove bottlenecks associated with targeted resequencing using next generation sequencing instruments. Selector Technology offers high sequencing coverage, convenience and scalability, providing scientists with superior tools for large-scale genomic analyses without the use of expensive, dedicated instrumentation.
"Using Selector Technology we can monitor the mutational landscape of entire signaling pathways affecting the response to cancer treatment. The Selector Technology enables screening of large patient cohorts, providing tools for identification of genetic biomarkers in a scale previously not possible. "says Olle Ericsson, CEO of Olink Genomics
"Cancer drugs of today are very expensive, and each drug only targets a sub-population of all patients with colorectal cancer. Duolink® will therefore be a great tool to identify new biomarkers that can be used for identification of patients that will benefit from cancer treatment" says Dr. Mats Gullberg, CTO of Olink Bioscience.
Björn Ekström, CEO of Olink Bioscience, continues "the combination of Selector Technology and in situ PLA enables monitoring both the activation status of signaling pathways on the protein level and the mutation status on the genetic level. Together, these tools provide access to a unique picture of the molecular basis of cancer and the response to targeted cancer treatments."