RedSafeTM Nucleic Staining Acid Solution 時間: 2009-08-13 11:47:24
Q : What is the shelf life ?
A : 2 years
Q : Shipment temperature ?
A : Room temperature
Q : Storage temperature ?
A : Room temperature
Q : Is RedSafe suitable for UV illumination ?
A : The RedSafe™ is suitable for UV illumination.
Q : Does RedSafe™ perform with low concentration of DNA ?
A :: RedSafe™ can perform with low concentration of DNA. However, the smaller fragments of less than 300bp are not as bright as the bigger one.
Q : Can we use RedSafe for RNA as well as DNA ?
A : RedSafe™ can be used for RNA as well as DNA.
Q : We usually add RedSafe to gel. Is it okay for staining gel after loading ?
A : It can be cast directly in the gel, loaded along with DNA sample and used as a post-stain.
Q : What is the needed wave length to see the color ?
A : RedSafe™ two fluorescence excitation maxima when it is bound to nucleic acid. One is centered at 309 nm and another is at 419 nm. In addition, it has one visible excitation of 514 nm.
Q : The standard filters (wavelength) used for EtBr are suitable for use with RedSafe™ ?
A : The red/orange filters for EB-stained gels should not be used with RedSafe™ -stained gels. The filters for SYBR Green-stained gels (at 494nm and 521nm) can be used. In addition, yellow, green gelation or cellophane filter can be used.
Q : Is it possible to re-stain the gel with DNA in RedSafe solution ?
A : When you use RedSafe™ as a post-staining, you may detect the result after about 20 minutes. If the band is not bright, you may re-stain the gel about 10-20 minutes more. The band will become brighter. According to the stain principle, as long as there is DNA in the gel, RedSafe™ may be bound to DNA and then emit green fluorescence.
Q : How safe is how we can dispose it after use ?
A : RedSafe™ does not create toxic waste. Therefore, it can be wasted in the Bin and the Sink.
Q : Regarding uneven background, what can be done to improve it ?
A : In order to improve the uneven background, you may use RedSafe™ as post-staining. In addition to, the thickness of gel should be less than 0.5 cm since thick gel may decrease sensitivity.
Q : Can RedSafe be used as a post electrophoresis stain ?
A : Yes
Q : Does RedSafe™ interfere with downstream applications ?
A : It is avoidable to leave RedSafe™ in downstream solution. You may purify the DNA solution with purification kit.
Q : Can RedSafe™ be run with the DNA in the gel like EtBr ?
A : Yes, it can be used with the DNA in the gel like EtBr. But, it is not recommended. When it used like this, the result, band will be not good.
Q : Is it able to be used with Sodium Borate, TAE and TBE buffers ?
A : When you run agarose gel, the electrophoresis buffer may be TAE and TBE buffers.
Q : Can RedSafe™ use as dilution ?
A : You may use ultrapure water to dilute the RedSafe™ solution.
Q: How should RedSafe™ be diluted when used if as post staining ?
A : Add 5ul of RedSafe™ in 100ml of buffer solution. You may also adjust concentration according to your experiment.
Q: Is RedSafe™ impenetrable to latex gloves ?
A : RedSafe™ should be impenetrable to latex gloves. So it is necessary to wear gloves when staining DNA gel with RedSafe™.
Q : Is RedSafe™ impenetrable to cell membranes ?
A : RedSafe™ is used in detecting naked DNA or RNA in agarose gels.
Q : Is it possible to add RedSafe™ when agarose is dissolved in TAE buffer with on the hot plate and magnetic stirrer during the heating process ?
A : It is not recommended to add RedSafe™ in hot agarose solution. We recommend that after making agarose solution, please cool it by about 60℃ and then add RedSafe™.
After that, shake carefully and mix well.
Q : What about stability of RedSafe™ towards light? Should it be stored in the dark ?
A : Yes, it should be. The reason that we provide RedSafe™ in brown vials is for optimal performance.
Q : Can RedSafe™ be used for pulse field gel electrophoresis 脈衝場凝膠電泳(PFGE,Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis)?
A : It is not recommended to use RedSafe™ for pulse field gel electrophoresis